Do you realize we are yesterday’s gods?

If we were to film everyday occurrences in our lives — and then go back 150 years and show it to people of that era, we would blow their minds. 

Metal capsules that zip us wherever we want to go. 

Ships that fly in the air. 

Speed boats. 

Controlling our own personal atmosphere with a dial. 

Hot waterfalls on command in our bathrooms. 

Bathrooms themselves, indoors, stench free (for the most part). 

Instant talking to someone else — anywhere — from an object fetched from a pocket. 

Whatever we wish to see — let your mind run rampant here — from that same object fetched from a purse.

To them, it would be as though we were gods from another realm. 

This realization struck me after watching the most recent installment of Thor with our son and his friend tonight. Thor’s kind appeared to be gods to the Norsemen only because their technology was so far advanced as be unrecognizable. 

Like ours.

So what does this mean?

Any unhappiness about what we lack is not related to what we have. 

It is only relative to what we think others have.

Unless you are without a home, your poorest days abound with riches not even dreamed of 150 years ago. Or at any time throughout all of streaming humanity before then. 

During my most agonizing and financially depleted days I had access to resources beyond the grasp of royalty of all times before this modern era.

I was born in 1959. 

A queen in 1958 couldn’t summon any song she wanted to hear in less than a minute, no matter how hard she screamed. 

A king in 1858 — no matter how long his tirade — could not call up information from all over the continent whenever he desired. 

A princeling circa 1758 — regardless of pitch and duration of tantrum — could never hope to speak on a whim to whomever he desired, say living in wherever.

Here’s the low down. You are a god striding athwart this planet. 

Yes, you have to contend with all the other godlings athwarting the planet also. But you have powers at your command unknown to mortals living before our time. 

There is only one question. What are you going to do with the power you have (which is considerable even if you think it piddling)?

What are you going to do with your inner power (which is vast regardless of the space-time you inhabit — because it tunnels beyond space and time)?

What are you going to do with your godlike existence?

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