Do you take joy in this?

Do you take joy in the way you pour your water? 

If so, then this life of yours is teeming with richness. 

Pouring water is a proxy for any and all of the mundane activities we engage in on a daily basis. 

It could as easily have been, Do you take joy in folding your laundry? Or hauling your garbage to the street. Or evacuating your bowels. Or wiping down a countertop. 

If you find joy in everydayness, then you are fulfilled.

Which also means it is enriching for others to be in your presence. 

The everydayness is where we live our lives. If you are joyful in it, you are alive. You are alive to doingness-beingness. You are alive! You are alive! You are alive!

You, creator
I am love joy, baby