“Don’t carry anything into the new year”

How is this for a pre-New Year’s resolution? Bri, The Angel Guy has made this his mission: 

“Don’t carry anything into the new year.”

He’s busy eliminating emails that have been junking up his inbox, offloading books that no longer fit his bookshelves, eliminating ideas and processes that haven’t been working for him.

It’s decluttering the old year before embarking upon the new one.

This way he eases into the new year fresh and sparkly and clean. He’s free! He’s free of burdens. What does that mean? It means he can pour his considerable creative energy into his projects for the coming year.

I especially admire how he’s sifting through ideas that haven’t served him well. The same with people. He’s foregoing what has acted as a drag — so he can free up space for what will boost his momentum.

Many will wait until New Year’s to start anew. They will gorge themselves silly and drag their bloated bodies into the new year, expecting change there. Others will leave the hard work till January, cleaning up, casting out, casting off — and find themselves bogged down by what was. 

Not Brian, he’ll be off and away . . .

You’re off to Great Places! 

Today is your day! 

Your mountain is waiting, 

So . . . get on your way! 

~ Dr. Seuss

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