Don’t what if, just do

This post was inspired by Kris Boschee.

The other day Kris and I were driving to a client’s home when he brought up his new attitude about life. It was simple:

Don’t what if, just do.

Not only did the concept clear the path so he could move ahead, it cleared away worry. Which made everything lighter.

He said that he’d been stuck for some time and realized he was what iffing every idea, and consequently had lost the impetus to doing anything. Because every potential idea — and its action follow through — had vaguely understood consequences, he’d been doing nothing.

Since he began Don’t what if, just do, he’s been energized. It made it easy to focus on the inspired next step — and then the next one — and the next — and the next one . . . .

But not all at once.

This insight was articulated by Kris as a way to remind himself to:

dive in
get in motion
just do it
take a step
do something

. . . and enjoy it


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