Dorrie Koller’s gift from the sea: Recovering life after the death of family members

I used finding my gratefulness and joyfulness to be the key in coming back into full life after Don and Mom passed away.

I went down to the beach about a month after burying Don at sea. Standing there in the gentle surf, I felt something wrap itself about my ankles. It was a string of wooden zen beads. I hung it on my truck rearview mirror, and on my way to work, I would take each bead and claim something that was really good about my life. 

Even if I had to simply repeat the same thing over and over, I did this faithfully. Some days were so hard I could hardly wait to get my hands on these beads as they helped me concentrate my efforts to feel life again.

Here I am, almost 4 years later, and I am extremely happy. Not emotional, fluffy happiness, but a deep, deep grateful happiness of peace. I understand just how blessed I am to the cells of my being. I am even grateful for what I had to endure. 

It sounds funny, but the peace and patience I have gained from this exercise have given me the ability to deal with thousands of people every day in a calm and loving manner. (Working at the airport.) 

 I have also discovered that while I am now single  I am far from being alone. I live with the entire world in peace and love.

I am no longer a widow. I am a free FREE me! I had a wonderful life with Don; and much to my amazement, I have a wonderful life now, too.

PS: May I repeat  look for your joys every day, all day long. It works!

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