Dr. Ken Grey: On two modes of prayer, in stillness, in motion

In my discussion with acupuncturist Dr. Ken Grey he made a distinction between two forms of prayer he practices:

  • Standing prayer, continuous prayer, tends to be for others while he works his acupuncture practice. 
  • Kneeling prayer tends to be more for himself. To humble himself.

What I like about this  and why I’m highlighting his processes here for you  is that for Dr. Ken stillness prayer is reserved for the self, motion prayer is other focused.

For me, this is one of those insights that felt like but of course! once he told me. Every now and then you come across something so powerful in its simplicity it smacks of the eternal. 

Praying for others, for guidance in the world, while in motion . . . and praying to the timeless self while at rest . . . is such an exquisitely balanced delineation . . . that I have nothing to add but awe. 

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