Dr. Ken Grey’s Soulful Sundays for the family

Dr. Ken Grey, acupuncturist and spiritual bon vivant about town, has a wonderful Soulful Sunday ritual he does with his young family. I have to share it with you here:

1. Yoga: 

“I’ve started to give the children a chance to pick from a yoga book and/or create three yoga moves, each that we all hold for 5 breaths.

This way they learn the importance of teaching as well as learning and that in most cases they are the same. 🙂

2. Devotional/Bible Study: which means reading from the Bible or other spiritual texts from around the world.

“Examples of biblical devotional is God Calling, one of our mainstays. We also read from Florence Scovel Shinn’s books and The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.”

3. Talk about what it means:

“I stop at key words and let them contribute their meaning or their thoughts on the words, also examples in their lives where the lessons apply or can apply.”

4. Talk to God/pray

5. Pillow fight!

Makes you want to go over to his house on Sundays, doesn’t it—

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