Dreams accrue, really


The best dreams are impossible dreams that come true.

There’s something to be said for a dream that is really just the next step of your evolution. Like getting a promotion.

Those are nice — the raise or the next step up the ladder — and not to be discounted.

But the dreams that seemed improbable at best when first hatched — then came to fruition — those are the ones that galvanize you. Those are the ones that make you believe.

What you see above is the image of a van I wanted but was out of reach. So far out of our reach as to feel a cruel dream.

In the grand tradition of special ops, I gave it an acronym nickname. The Mofave:

Mobile Office, Family Adventure Vehicle

Before I came across this image in a pamphlet, I fantasized about this vehicle. I dreamt it up when we were only months from bankruptcy. When financial ruin didn’t loom but was actually a constant moment-to-moment hellbird perched on my shoulder cawing at me.

(We never went bankrupt : -)

(We muggled through till we caught a magic wind.)

Here’s a photo of the now-real Mofave on our recent month-long art trek around the U.S. This workcation for me and the family was the second such annual trip.


I’m guessing it was three to five years from the time I first imagined it till we were driving it.

Some improbable dreams take longer. Some take wing so quickly you are left in hushed awe. Others take their sweet time.

A note about improbable dreams

Let me hasten to add that our real dreams are about vitality, relationships, creative breakthroughs, achievement. In essence they are about experience . . . they are about what we wish to live.

Only impoverished souls dream solely of money and material things.

Our most improbable dreams speak to the adventure we hope to live.

I tell this Mofave story as a note to remind myself — and maybe you too — that if you hold onto a vision, it finds its way to you. You find your way to it.

Dreams accrue, they really do. Don’t let yours go.

For you 

Evan Griffith

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