Drinking and drugging: The economics of energy

Drinking and drugging are an effort to get into the sweet flow of near oblivion. 

When I drank and drugged it was always with the intent to enter the Stream of All Happy Stuff. 

It didn’t work. It seemed to work for a minute or two, though it took several years to see how those minutes were paid for with hours of future life.

Fortunately for me my energy economics learning curve was measured in a few short years and not decades.

Every drug borrows from your future energy. 

It’s not an equal exchange, as you might hope for. For example, three hours of fun for three hours feeling mildly crappy. Nope. All borrowing has an interest penalty. 

And borrowing from your future energy exacts a fee similar to your least favorite credit card. It’s an exorbitant rate of interest for no seeming reason.

Now  after many a meditation  it’s easy to see that those truly in the Stream of Voluptuous Experience are connected (to the juice of life), creative (in the moment), open (to the totality of experience). 

They are not drinking and drugging, which is essentially a way of demonstrating to the world that you are none of the above.

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