Ease, flow, wei wu wei, grace and allowing

In the previous post I spoke about wei wu wei  effortless action. What’s exciting about exploring world thought is that you don’t have to look very far to find ideas that parallel each other in different modes of exploration.

For example, when you investigate flow or the law of attraction or Daoist philosophy you see that they all come together in this idea of inspired action and easeful effort.

In Christian terms you could call it grace, that divine place where Ease and Rightness are inherent in all that you do.

Athletes might refer to it as the runners high or the endorphin high or being in the zone. There are many ways to perceive states of supra-consciousness.

In this era we are witness to all of these thought threads coming together, some psycho-scientifically (as in the flow state, or an athlete’s trippy experience) and some psycho-spiritually (as when one is aligned with the Dao, or when a modern-day new ager experiences the law of allowing in their life as Ease).

In all there is a commonality: You surrender utterly to your focus on the action in which you are immersed and allow the extraordinary to be funneled through you personally, through your (seemingly effortless) efforts.

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Wei wu wei: A demonstration