Easy cut versus short cut

A short cut is characterized by perceived efficiency. It’s quicker, better, less energy intensive. Probably cheaper too.

I want to add another phrase to the lexicon. Easy cut.

When you take the easy cut you are sliding into the ease-spark of the moment.

An easy cut is characterized by relaxed flow. You feel relaxed as rain.

It’s not the long way home, it’s the flow way home. 

It’s not the efficient way nor is it necessarily an inefficient way. It’s another way, the joy way. You take the easy cut for the happy it brings you. 

Like when you cook on the outdoor barbecue — if you’re the barbecuing type. Come on, that’s not easier, it’s just more enjoyable. It’s why you do it. 

You go fishing — if you’re the fishing type — not because it’s a more efficient way of getting a fish for dinner. It’s simply the hell of a lot more fun way.

Whenever I can I’m going for the easy cut.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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