Easy like pouring water over a sink

other morning I was set to pour water from one water bottle into
another, to consolidate two half-empty (half-full!) bottles into one. It
seemed risky, in the camper, poised as I was over my open luggage, not
to mention (though . . . I am) the upholstery, the table and the rug.

I moved the operation over to the sink. You can imagine how it went —
flawlessly! Driplessly. I poured it so well the stream never even
touched the inside of the neck of the bottle . . . 

Such is our power when we know we are safe.

Like how I operate — magnificently! with genius! — when I feel safe in life.

Isn’t that the ultimate marker of advanced spirituality? That we know we are safe, regardless of appearances.


Attention is love
A meditator is never bored