Elimination: A process that forces you to decide who you want to be

I sparked a conversation thread on Google Plus recently about simplifying by showing a photo of the many bags of clothes my wife is giving away.

It was all about eliminating what you don’t love from your life.

Specifically, recycling clothes and objects from your home to others who would far more appreciate them.

Katherine Bond uttered a poignant comment:

Decluttering is a process of deciding who you want to be.

That’s true insight.

It’s not something we intuit naturally . . . that the process of elimination is like Michelangelo carving (eliminating) stone to get at the purest form possible.

Want to get at a purer version of you? Pick something up that no longer serves you . . . and donate it. Donate a bagful. Bagfuls. Offload as much as you can.

When you’ve done this for even two hours, tell me you don’t feel lighter — light enough to light up others with your incandescent smile —

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