Elizabeth Gilbert: Enter into a contract with your idea

Ideas lose force quickly. 

Joe Vitale is famous for his maxim in The Secret

The Universe loves speed.

Ideas are antsy. They flit from consciousness to consciousness seeking out the best means of expression. If it ain’t you, it’s moving on.

In order to lock that idea of yours in before it slips away, Elizabeth Gilbert says you must demonstrate your commitment. In Big Magic, Gilbert suggests you enter into a contract with your idea.

Specify what you are willing to do to bring that idea to fruition. Honor that commitment. Show it you mean business. Your idea will roll up its sleeves and get to work when you do.

Don’t let the idea that really grabs you hit the road. Because they do. Ideas are free range. 

An idea is fickle. It’s faithful only to the one who will act on it. An idea is on the move, tickling one mind then another . . . until it finds the one who will bring it to life.

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Evan Griffith
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