Elven soul bubbles

. . . . . . . .

Elf soul bubbles — you can see them but can’t quite grasp them. You can’t pop them but you can intersect with them. And what an intersection.

They’re like softly lit fuzzy soap bubbles, suffused with soft changing colors coming from within. If you allow one to graze your fingertip you’ll experience an elf life moment. In all its special glory.

If you can align yourself just so as one is floating by — surfer yoga style like, your arms spread out — an elf soul bubble will travel the length of your arms — tip to tip — and you’ll experience the totality of an Elven life.

The loves — for they have many — the merriment — oh, they have much of that — and the heartbreak. Elf heartbreak is unsurpassably woeful. For creatures who delight in the delightful a fall from light and laughter is sharp.

Fortunately elves know what humans have forgotten. They know how to attain the summit of experience again quickly: Find another who is similarly stricken and impishly lift them up. Causing one spirit to soar causes your own to rise up as well.


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How to see an Elven soul bubble