Encouraging news for weird wacky creative types

For a guy steeped in creativity I can’t believe I missed Richard Florida’s book in the 2000s . . . and even in 2010 when the revised, expanded, remodeled 2.0 version came out.

But then again, I was busy. Busy with success when the first book came out. Busy staving off impending doom during the crash years when the improved and updated version came out.

But I’m reading it now.

And here’s a tidbit to hearten all of us in creative fields. Not only does the future belong to us, so does the present.

But don’t take it from me, an all things creative enthusiast, take it from Richard Florida, an urban studies theorist.

Here, from The Rise of the Creative Class (Revisited):

Capitalism has expanded its reach to capture the talents of heretofore excluded groups of eccentrics and nonconformists. In doing so, it has pulled off yet another astonishing mutation: taking people who would once have been viewed as bizarre mavericks operating at the bohemian fringe and placing them at the very heart of the process of innovation and economic growth.


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