Every experience speaks a word to you

If you are listening, every experience speaks a word to you.

Breakfast with a curious friend: exploration.

A kid’s cruelty to your son: heart-pain.

You encounter someone rife with conspiracy theories: wary.

A flower, a young squirrel, the new crop of impossibly tiny lizards shooting through the grass: Life!

Making love to my wife: a word that has not yet been invented, but I feel it. Grok comes close. But so does wonderf**klove.

Listen . . . what is your life saying to you? It’s speaking to you with every experience.

Here’s something we often forget. We can speak to life too. We’re meant to. 

As you go into a new moment, speak the word in your heart for what you desire in the experience about to unfold. Even better, feel it. Feel that word. Then go! Go into that experience with that word in your heart.

Be attentive. Watch how well life listens.

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