Every time you rethink your space, you are rethinking your life

A friend of mine trying to figure out the next phase of his life hit upon the idea of a total home makeover. There are almost no costs involved — it’s not reconstruction — it’s simply reorganization.

Ann and I rethought our space this past summer (How to grow the size of your home without spending money) and it has transformed our way of living. Every time you rethink your space, you are also rethinking your life.

I recommend this for anyone feeling stuck, who doesn’t know where to begin.

Start as small as you can . . . your desk space . . . your counter space . . . a drawer . . . one area of your closet. A small step is a good one when you feel rutted by routines going nowhere. 

A clean surface clears the mind.

The small foray into rethinking how you use your space may catapult you into a radical makeover — or it may be just the catalyst you need to suddenly hit upon another idea that will propel you forward. 

It’s amazing how sifting through a closet to donate what is no longer used can usher in other thoughts for life improvement. 

Maybe you’ll decide to make one meaningful connection a day. 

Maybe it will be a walking program. 

Maybe it will be to reach out to someone who’s inspired you to let them know. 

It could be any little tweakage that will betterfy your life.

Rehab for the soul can begin with rehab of your space.

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