Do you need a Creators Circle?

I swear this looks like Obama surfing!

(from a poster at a local lifestyle center in South Florida)

You’re creative — in fact, you’re a creator — you’re trying to create something in your life, damnit — 

The single best thing you can do for yourself is to round up your own posse. This is the single best action any creator can take — after sleep, nutrition, something that gets you started in the day, love, frequent movement, stretching, more love, more sleep . . .

It’s a Creators Circle you’re after: A group of other creators you can get intimate with about your journey. (Which is a hero’s journey, and you know it, you hero.) 

I’ve been gathering my own Creators Circle for years now. Interestingly, a couple of my very best friends are not in it. Our interests don’t overlap in that direction. 

A Circle is not a Club. This is not a group that meets periodically — though you can take that boat if you want. I posit that it’s the exact opposite of a Group.

A Circle consists of compadres in philosophy. All seek to create something meaningful. All are simpatico. All speak a similar language.

You know who wouldn’t be in my Circle? That person who slaves at it, from early to late, giving up all of life’s other pleasures to create their thing.

They’re not in my Circle because that’s not my thing. I’ve given up struggle. (A struggle addict breaks his habit)

Be conscious about who you bring into your Circle. You want people who believe in you — but equally important, they must believe in themselves! 

You want to be in tune with your Circle members. 

The way I work my Circle is one on one. I think of each person in my Creators Circle as a node — and I get the most from node to node direct contact. Maybe 3 of us at once. Too many people in a given setting and you lose the juice of openness. Some devolve into watchers, others take the floor and refuse to relinquish it.

Exploratory conversations are what you want. Where everyone lays out the raw details of their journey. You get that best with 2 or 3 people. 

Every creator sits at the hub of their own Creators Circle. Real electricity comes from sharing. Inspirations and processes. Dreams and fears. Setbacks and successes.

And sharing Circle connections. 

When you bring someone new into the conversation, new pathways open up. Not just in the real world networking kind of way; in your neural network. New connections amp up the charged bits buzzing in your brain. New connections bring new solutions.

Even better, they bring new questions. Their own and the questions that arise in your mind after conversing.

How do they do what they do?

Could I pluck something from their approach that would work for me?

Cultivate a Creators Circle if you want to go far.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

~ African proverb 

For you 

Evan Griffith


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