Ray Kurzweil: World problems and the power of exponential growth

Sometimes you just need someone to point out that our problems are solvable. Today we celebrate Ray Kurzweil:

“If you take 30 steps linearly, you get to 30. if you take 30 steps exponentially, you’re at a billion.” 

“Things that seemed impossible at one point are now possible. That’s the fundamental difference between me and my critics.”

“There’s a lot of pessimism in the world. If I believed progress was linear, I’d be pessimistic, too. Because we would not be able to solve these problems. But I’m optimistic — more than optimistic. I believe we will solve these problems because of the scale of these technologies.”

From SUCCESS Magazine October 2014 in an article by Chris Raymond, Ray Kurzweil: The Exponential Mind.

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