Experiencing a fall (as prelude to a leap): Dr. Wayne Dyer

Here is Dr. Wayne Dyer on a riff about when difficulty hits, especially trials that seem cataclysmic. His take is that these are necessary conditions for growth. 

You’ve heard people utter this phrase: “I’ve learned more from my failures than my successes.” Wayne Dyer speaks to this on a spirit level.

You may have taken a body blow during the Super Recession, as I did, or you may have suffered some other setback and be intrigued by his take: 

In order to move from one level to a higher level and to generate the energy for this you have to take a fall.  

The thing that proceeds every step of growth in your life is a fall. It is as if you are a high jumper. I was in high school. You don’t just run-up to the bar and go over it, you have to go down real low and the process of going down low you’re able to generate the energy to propel yourself over the bar. 

The same thing works metaphysically. Now the falls of our life are really generated by your higher self. They are not generated by your ego. The ego is terrified of you having a fall because generally when you have a fall you find God. You become more spiritual, more caring, more gentle. 

A fall can be many things such as a breakup in a relationship, a bout with drugs, an accident, a heart attack, a bankruptcy, a trauma of some kind. Whatever it may be. What you need to know, not believe, but know is that right when you take a fall you’re generating energy to a higher level.  

Instead of putting mental energy into negative emotions, be grateful for the opportunity to be a better person and to go to the next level. 

When you know this every time you experience a fall you can become thrilled. 

This is why monks and really enlightened beings have these lives of austerity, giving everything up. 

It isn’t an accident that Gandhi had little around him. Gandhi was probably the man of a century. He never held public office and he changed the fate of one billion people. He got the English to leave India by only using his consciousness.  

As you let go of all attachments, I mean really let go, you will propel yourself. When you get to this level God will take care of the details for you. You need to know that you are not alone, that this is all part of plan. When you get to the higher levels you won’t be attached to the outcomes. That is what heightened awareness is all about, detaching yourself from the outcome.

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