Failure in advertising

See the above signage on the back of this service van?

For those of you who can’t easily zoom, it reads:

You may forget our name . . .

<big ole hand-drawn smiley face>

But you won’t forget our face!

It’s clever. It’s got an adorable quotient. But is that what you want from someone in the trades?

What it’s not is memorable. 

They were being so clever about the naming issue that they literally forgot to put their name on the back of the vehicle!

This is the one spot guaranteed for high visibility. 

Anyone driving behind this van sees the rear end of it. 

Anyone stuck at a traffic light behind this work van will spend lazy minutes scanning the vehicles in front of them. 

When this van is parked in a parking lot, it’s only the rear end that is visible always. 

I never did find out the company name . . . and I’ve seen this vehicle around town several times in recent months. 

What a waste.

The moral: Make sure you’re clear on your real message — and that it gets through. 

Don’t get so clever you trip over yourself.

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