Faith and your inner mellow yellow

You gotta have faith. 

                      ~ George Michael

Several years ago I defined faith to myself as this: being in relaxed expectation.

Faith is relaxed expectation. You know you trust when you are light, buoyant and relaxed, when you’ve found your inner mellow yellow.

You see this with those who walk their belief system. Phrases like these get sprinkled around:

“I don’t know how it’s going to work out, it just will.” 

“The Good Lord will provide.” 

“The Universe will find a way.”

“Everything works out for the best.” 

If I truly trust a solution to a perplexing issue will come, then I am relaxed — and pleasantly expectant.

I’ve come to understand that it is this relaxed expectation — how faith demonstrates itself in the body-mind — that delivers the solution in the easiest fashion. 

This is what I seek now every time something agonizes me — I connect . . . until the angst has been replaced with a low-key expectation of a good result.

I may even find myself reveling in the feeling of that as-yet-unknown solution.

I just know it’s coming.

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