Feeling isolated: Worried you’re out of the mainstream?

wall sculpture in Santa Fe

Do you worry you’re not in the center of things? Are you concerned you’re not in a city where the action is? Do you feel far from the movers and shakers of the world you want to inhabit?

Relax and exult in that. That’s the place to be.

Consider this:

Apple, Google and Microsoft are suburban companies. In fact, the tech industry sprang up from suburban garages and bedrooms.

Albert Einstein was working in a Swiss patent office — far from the heady vortex of the universities of his day — when he broke open our view of reality.

Both Gaugin and Van Gogh found their sure imaginative footing when they left Paris — the center of the art world at the time. Gaugin to Tahiti, Van Gogh to the countryside.

Nelson Mandela gained power through 27 years of study and fortitude and preparation in prison.

Charles Darwin had to visit some rump islands in the Pacific on a multi-year voyage to be struck with the insight sparking current evolutionary theory.

In the expression economy you start from where you’re at.

Feeling isolated? Good! That gives you time and space to refine what it is you have to offer.

The only requirement is curiosity. And to get to it.

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