Finding an erotic book in Paris

It doesn’t sound so difficult, does it? It’s Paris, home of the erotique, and if you have a French-speaking girflfriend, who has Parisian acquaintances, how hard can it be? In theory it should be more difficult to find monogamy there than an erotic book . . . .

This is a tale of desire, a little desperation, and ultimately surrender.

Years ago David Langley headed to Paris with his then girlfriend. David is famous for his erotic book collection, among other things. In it he had a book, on the back of which featured another book he wished to acquire. It had all the info he needed — an image of the book and title, the retail outlet, and the address in Paris. So how hard could it be?

He was there for a month, yet quickly the trail to his cherished new book disappeared. The store was no longer at the address. They couldn’t find the business through standard information sources. When his girlfriend asked around to acquaintances, nothing turned up. Each day as they tootled around Paris, they asked and searched, to no avail.

On his last night in Paris, his girlfriend tired out, David wandered the streets of Paris alone, despairing of finding his book! He went down alleyways, into unknown neighborhoods . . . . finally, exhausted, he abandoned the search. He literally gave up, figuring there was no way to find the book, and sat down on a ledge. He wasn’t even sure of where he was.

After some moments of sitting there accepting the course of events, he rose to leave. As he turned, he saw that the ledge he’d been sitting upon supported a window, and behind that window were many books, and among those books were piles of his book.

The original location had closed down, and David had unconsciously wound his way to where the books were warehoused . . . . 

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