Flowing the bliss: a followup to a followup

I was thinking about Paul’s story — and especially the last post in that series. I don’t believe this goodness would have rained down on him if joy hadn’t abounded in his gift giving.

In his effortless giving, Paul embodied joy — the joy of giving certainly, but also the joy of contribution, knowing that what he gave contributed in a meaningful way to others. And the joy of connection.

It is said that happiness is an inside job. Connection is an inside/outside job. You can only connect to others from the inside out. We all feel jazzy joy, exuberant joy, joy-oy-oy (!) when we connect.

When I think of the givers I know in my life it strikes me I need to change the term. Givers doesn’t encapsulate the whole. They are bliss flowers, they flow bliss outward. The same vitality exhibited in work and play is evident in the way they contribute. It just flows naturally in every endeavor.

So here’s to joy and all the streams that flow from that place . . . .

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