Follow the signs

Here’s another in the Follow The Signs series.
It’s not about the text in this post, it’s about the image.
Specifically, it’s about the images we’re awash in everyday in our contemporary life. And how you can choose to zero in on those that amplify your purpose.
If you open your mind, you can literally follow the signs to your optimal self.
Some look out and see the political divide. The signs are there. On bumper stickers. On Facebook posts.
Or you may see signs that point to the decay in society. It’s especially easy to see these signs while strolling down Duval Street in Key West, gazing through t-shirt shop windows. 
Or you can choose to see the amazingly affirmative technicolor signs for the vibrant healthy happy life. 

They’re everywhere.
This sign is just one more example.
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Evan Griffith

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