For road warriors: A simple 10-minute roadside rejuvenation

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I road trip for art. A lot.

There’s a simple solution to staying fit while on the road. One that’s worked wonders for me over the years.

The 10-minute roadside rejuvenation method:

  • Every hour pull over at a roadside rest area
  • Set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes
  • Hop out of your vehicle and don’t stop moving until it dings

Here are some simple things you can do in those 10 minutes:

  • Play: If you’re with others, a frisbee, a ball, anything that gets you moving
  • Walk around
  • While walking, swing your arms vigorously
  • Stretch (I do simple yoga poses, slow lunges)
  • Finish strong: with pushups, deep knee bends. Pullups if you can find a branch or a part of a structure to use. It really gets your blood pumping.
You’ll find yourself invigorated, ready for the next hour without caffeine or food as a crutch.
At the end of a long day’s drive, you’ll find you’ve easily worked out an hour or more.
Modern rest areas come so often that it’s easy to pull on and off in a minute. 
If you’re pressed for time, do 5 minutes every hour. You’ll be more alert and you’ll cover many more miles safely and enjoyably. 
Who doesn’t want to come back from a trip in better shape? 
(A side benefit: Be prepared for an insight onslaught while you’re driving. Rejuvenation breaks have a way of spurring massive downloads of usable ideas.)

(Have a pen and pad handy 🙂

West Texas gas station parking lot.
Can you spot the frisbee?
Trusting the release
Cheeky does it