From peace, love and understanding to gun worship

On the road to Jackson Hole, in a small town in Wyoming, I ate at a diner where the pony-tailed older owner packed a holstered gun on his hip.

In a matter of days I’d traveled from the peace, love and understanding vibe of Santa Fe to gun worship country . . . Because we spent several days in both locales it was a striking juxtaposition.

In the diner and throughout gun country you see signs like this:

I believe in gun control. Use both hands.

In Santa Fe you see bumper stickers that read:


. . . or . . . 


. . . written in the symbols of major religions. 

Seemingly opposite strands of thought coexist in America. Many would say uneasily. I would say awkwardly but with the greatest of ease. 

In my family as in many others, there are liberals and conservatives. Yet we enjoy each other immensely. Unless, of course, I’m ill informed on their true feelings about me. 

<wan smile>

In every creed there are people who defy certain tenets of that creed. Catholics who practice birth control. Conservatives who think the state should not prohibit gay marriage. Liberals who are against abortion.

It’s the sign of a mature society to accept the greatest amount of diversity in thought without unraveling. Just as an enlightened mind can appreciate the interests of others without participating.

America may seem bipolar . . . but really it’s an example of profound inclusiveness.

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