From Ray Bradbury: A clean clear example of how far reaching and clever your subconscious mind is

You can trust your mind! Conscious or unconscious, it will delight you. 

What is needed? That you use it for what matters. 

(To you, to you . . . )

Below is a quick example from science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, regarding something he discovered decades after publishing the novel Fahrenheit 451.

If you haven’t read the book, here’s what you need to know for the below excerpt to make sense:

  • The book is set in a bleak future (aspects of which feel like now)
  • Books have been banned
  • TV rules
  • Firemen burn books
  • A society of Book People live in the forests, memorizing books to save them from extinction
  • Montag and Faber are characters in the novel

Now let’s marvel along with Bradbury about the ways in which our minds will seek to please us, even when we are unaware of it:

A last discovery. 

I write all of my novels and stories, as you have seen, in a great surge of delightful passion. Only recently, glancing at the novel, I realized that Montag is named after a paper manufacturing company. And Faber, of course, is a maker of pencils! What a sly thing my subconscious was, to name them thus. 

And not tell me!

Yours is the same. Your mind is doing the same thing for you all the time — finding ways to imbue greater meaning to what you do. 

Your mind tendrils out far farther than you do. It sees more in a day. It connects more. It travels where you do not, and brings back significance for you. 

(So does your life.)

(What I mean by this is life creates significance all around you. Those with an open antenna know what I’m talking about. Life is conversing with you . . . and it’s groovy.)

Be attentive, you’ll see.

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