From the road: 30 days of love

I’ll be gone a month-ish on my two back-to-back art treks. The one I’m on now takes me to the (cold and grey and wet) Northeast. The next one to the Southwest and beyond, so beyond.

I decided on a whim to photograph something signifying Love whenever the opportunity presents itself. And then to zip that image back to my family.

Here’s where it gets interesting — and it shouldn’t be surprising. Love is everywhere. I mean freaking everywhere!

I’ve only been gone a few days and look below . . . you’ll see what I mean.

What you look for presents itself. What you look for shows up! You can take this a step further than I am — and look for real love — not just symbols and words for it.

And you know this is true . . . it will materialize before you. It will. It will. It will.

You’ve gotta love this realm. What we look for shows up . . . .

For you 

Evan Griffith
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