From the road: A UFO Welcome Center

I’m on the road for the next four to five weeks, with only a brief few days home next week.

After the first eight days I’ll be home for three before heading back out again  heading west to Austin, TX, Santa Fe and Taos, NM, Aspen and Beaver Creek, CO  Wisconsin!  Chicago, and then dropping south back to Florida.

You’ll hear more about these art treks as I post from the road. But today, my second day into the first trip, I’m celebrating bohemia in suburbia and beyond.

Yesterday, to avoid a miles-long choke point caused by an accident on the highway, I diverted off to a country road. That diversion ended up conjuring another meaning of the word diversion, as I drove through Bowman, South Carolina.

You can see the reason why in the above photo. It’s a home that’s been fashioned into the shape of a UFO. You may be able to read the text:

UFO Welcome Center


This is what I love. This is what we celebrate here. There is creativity everywhere!

If you’re able to enlarge the image you can see the metal sheets have been mercilessly hammered into shape.

This was no afternoon project. Somebody threw themselves into this probably multi-year project . . . and may still be vibrating at night in their dreams from the body memory of so many blows on metal.

If this individual could create this in his spare time, what can’t you do in yours?

PS: You see that stuffed animal? That’s Puppy. One of my son’s favorite stuffed animals — I take Puppy on the road with me and send back photos to Zane of our travels.

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