From the worst to the best in one year: Experience changes in the light of new experience

Just yesterday I was hanging out in the lobby of my son’s martial arts center when a new friend — let’s call her Tae Kwon Do Mom — mused on this idea:

How quickly things can change from the worst to the best.

A friend of hers — a woman in her early fifties — only a little over a year ago went through a divorce. One day her husband of around fifteen years came home and simply said I can’t do this anymore.

Then it was over, like an open door slamming shut in a harsh wind. This woman plunged into “the worst experience of her life.” Even though the marriage had been slogging along in mediocre mode for years, it hit her hard and badly.

You too can imagine the disorientation you’d feel in a similar circumstance as your expected life is cleaved apart and you’re left with nothing . . . (seemingly).

This is a Freaky Beautiful post, baby cakes, so let’s fast forward to today!

A year later this woman has met a successful author and they are embarking on a world tour together. A time of travel, exploration and bad toilet paper.

Had the worst not happened . . . . you know where this is going, you ninjas of the mind, you! — so let’s get right there and feast on this possibility:

 The bad is not necessarily bad.

A more amusing game for life might be this when something distressful comes along — to wait awhile to see what good comes of it. The good might just be mighty good. And the bad, meh, might not have been so bad after all.



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