Fun at any speed

See those ladies above? Minutes ago they were laughing and hooting it up . . . not the teenager kind of whooping it up . . . it was more subdued than that . . . though not by much . . . the point is they were having themselves some serious fun!

This scene is courtesy of a retirement home in Indiana, where Ann’s parents live.

Have you noticed that almost all laughter happens in relation to someone else? 

What makes for laughter? 

Enjoyment, certainly. When you’re with others it’s indicative of a bond. You don’t laugh with those who cause you pain. Nor with those who set themselves apart from you, whether from a sense of false superiority or indifference to your human plight.

Laughter is about connection. And connection is all about acceptance. Of who you are and who others are . . . 

Laughter, like empathy and kindness, bridges the gap between disparate souls.

These ladies, well into their 80s and 90s, make the point that home is where the laughter is. Which can be anywhere you are.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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