Further confirmation the backpack is the new briefcase

I was sitting down with an engineer who’s become a project manager . . . for engineering projects across teams and across multiple companies.

His bag of choice: The humble backpack. 

Yes, the backpack is the new briefcase. The new messenger bag too.

This guy flies across the country working on multi-million-dollar ventures. He’s in meetings with top executives, with factory workers, with engineers, with vendors, and in-house personnel.

Why did he revert to the backpack from a briefcase? 

For all the same reasons outlined in the link above: comfort, stability, capacity, durability, light weight, balance . . . 

One of the great trends in this era is comfort over status. The suit and tie are disappearing in all but the most uptight professions. You can choose the tools that make the most sense  like a backpack  over the ones that confer conventionality.

Effectiveness is winning out over appearance. And that’s a good thing. 

From baristas to tech execs to the guys who wave signs from the sidewalks, what works matters more than conformity.

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Evan Griffith
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