Genesis is now and always has been

Inspired text from all time, all teachers, all tribes
If you were to go to the original manuscript for this excerpt, I’m certain it would look quite different. The words would be the same, but the spacing and punctuation is sure to be altered. This bit is taken from Deepak Chopra’s How to Know God, the audio version.

There I was in the car listening to Deepak’s voice when I had to pull over and record this steno style (let’s just call it old-school style for those of you youngins who don’t know what a stenographer is or does). I wrote it down word for word — exhausting the rewind button, which screeched at me finally in an alien porpoise kind of sound kind of way.

The words are accurate, sure, but I went wild — wild, I tell you! — inserting commas and periods and spacing and whatnot wherever I damn well pleased. If you feel the cadence — the rhythm, the space between the beats — is somehow on a level with the angels, well then, I take a bow.

I hope this kind of science speak gets you as hot and breathless as it did me. OK, I’ll shut up. Here it is, the excerpt you’ve been waiting for:

Um, turns out I haven’t quite shut up yet — I realize this is far better if you imagine Depak’s voice, traveling from far away, let’s say . . . hmm . . . as if from India! . . .  sounding as if it’s coming through your very own sinus passage straight to an inner ear attached to a cochlear nerve connecting to the inner you:

As big objects become very small, shrinking to the size of atoms, our senses fail us. An amazing transformation happens beyond the atom. Everything solid disappears. Atoms are composed of vibrating energy packets that have no solidity at all. No mass or size. The Latin word for a packet or package is quantum, the word chosen to describe one unit of energy inside the atom, and as it turned out, a new level of reality.

It is strange to hold up your hand and realize that it is actually at a deeper level invisible vibrations taking place in a void. At the atomic level all objects are revealed as 99.9999% empty space. Electrons break down into energy vibrations that wink in and out of existence millions of times per second. Therefore, the whole universe is a quantum mirage, winking in and out of existence millions of times per second. Quantum flashes are millions of times too rapid for us to register, so our brains play a trick on us by seeing solid objects that are continuous in time and space. 

You and I exist as flashing photons with a black void in between each flash. The quantum light show comprises our whole body, our every thought and wish, and every event that we take part in. In other words, we are being created over and over again all the time. Genesis is now and always has been. 

Who is capable of taking the universe away and putting it back again in a fraction of a second? The power of Creation, whatever it turns out to be, lies even beyond energy, a force with the ability to turn gaseous clouds of dust into stars and eventually into DNA.

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