Gentling myself

Gentling — you may have heard the term in reference to horses. It’s a humane method for training.

I realized today when I was reviewing my daily practices — specifically one related to creative time — that I’ve been gentling myself. And it’s been working wonders.

Though I haven’t quite attained certain daily targets relating to my creation time of late, I’m gentle with myself, acknowledging the ground gained, even if it’s small ground. With gentleness I’m better at picking up the next day and going further.

What’s surprising  when you gentle yourself  is how eager you are to overfulfill your own expectations for yourself.

Have you seen this in a child? When you gush trust that they’ll gain mastery — when they’ve faltered at something — they fairly fall over themselves to fulfill that trust.

It’s the same when I gentle myself. I am no different than children and horses.

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