Gregg Braden: What it takes to unlock the Divine Matrix in your life

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The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief
by Gregg Braden

Perhaps the clearest example of this language is described in the words of a man who lived in a monastery nearly 15,000 feet above sea level, high on the Tibetan plateau.

In the spring of 1998, I had the opportunity to facilitate a combined research trip and pilgrimage into the the highlands of Central Tibet for 22 days. During that time, the group and I found ourselves immersed in some of the most magnificent, rugged, pristine, and remote land remaining on the planet today. Along the way, we visited 12 monasteries, 2 nunneries, and some of the most beautiful humans you could ever imagine including monks, nuns, nomads, and pilgrims.

It was during that time that I was face-to-face with the abbot of one of the monasteries and got the chance to ask the question we’d traveled so far and long to ask.

On an icy morning we found ourselves cramped in a tiny chapel surrounded by Buddhist altars and ancient thangkas (  the intricately brocaded tapestries that depict the great teachings of the past). I focused my attention directly on the eyes on the timeless-looking man seated lotus-style in front of me. Through our translator, I asked him the same question that I’d asked every monk and nun we’d met through our pilgrimage. 

“When we see your prayers,” I began, “what are you doing? When we watch you intone and chant for 14 and 16 hours a day; when we see the bells, bowls, gongs, chimes, mudras and mantras on the outside, what’s happening to you on the inside?

A powerful sensation rippled through my body as the translator shared the abbot’s answer. 

“You’ve never seen our prayers,” he said, “because a prayer cannot be seen.” Adjusting the heavy wool robes beneath his feet, the abbot continued, “What you’ve seen is what we do to create the feeling in our bodies. Feeling is is the prayer!

How beautiful, I thought. And how simple!

Just as the late-20th-century experiments had shown, it’s human feeling and emotion that affect the stuff our reality is made of — it’s our inner language that changes the atoms, electrons, and photons of the outer world.

However, this is less about the actual words we utter and more about the feeling that they create within us. It’s the language of the emotion that speaks to the quantum forces of the universe . . . feeling is what the Divine Matrix recognizes.


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