Guess what clears out 87% of indoor toxins?

So — guess what clears out 87% of indoor toxins? 

(No peeking at the photo, please . . . .)


And you only need one for every 100 square feet or so for the purification to begin.

Plants and water. Can you think of anything more signifying of spirituality? 

Well, yes, butterflies too. Yeah, and dolphins. You in the back . . . of course, yes, eagles . . . you over there on the far right . . . hmm, not so sure about your Glock . . . but really, plants and water. 

And think, if that’s what one plant every 100 square feet can do indoors, what would a plethora of plantings outdoors accomplish? Who needs so much lawn anyway? Grass, schmass, put a real plant in there.

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