Happy money

Want a fun way to give anonymously and send little spasms of joy rippling out through your community? 

Try Laina Buenostar’s Happy Money method:

  • Uno: Take a small bill, a one, a five, a ten — whatever is comfortable for you.
  • Dos: Write a blessing or encouragement or treasured phrase on a post-it.
  • Tres: Roll the bill up in the post-it.
  • Quatro: Hide in plain sight somewhere, where others will come across it easily.
  • Cinco: Vanish. Let it all unfurl without you peeping in on who’s receiving it.
Laina loves leaving her Happy Money in elevators, in crowded areas, or in grocery stores (inside egg cartons is a favorite for her; she relishes the idea of someone opening up the eggs at home to find her note and the money).
Laina swears that doing this once a week will increase the flow of money into your own life, because you are giving freely and regularly — and getting a giver’s high to boot.
She fashioned this method for herself when she found herself in a foreign country flat broke and living on a friend’s couch after a business she’d started bellied up. 

Too poor to even give charitably, she hit upon this method as a way of seeding for others — for those who found the money — what she would like to have happen for herself.

Laina says she’s never lacked for money in the many years since.
I say what an impish spirit way to spread delight around.

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