He heard the answer so clearly he woke up and wrote it down

Sculptor and entrepreneur David Langley sent me the below message this morning. 

For those of you who know we’re cosmically connected — in fact, for those of you who feel we fan out in multiple directions across multiple dimensions because ultimate reality is that stupendously phenomenal, you will enjoy David’s experience:

This answer I heard spoken to me while I was sleeping, when I was dreaming about a conversation that was asking 

“Do you think there is a greater power or force in the universe that we are connected to like God or energy or are we just another mortal life form with self-important delusions?” 

“There is so much more that I am already everything of.” 

I heard it so clearly I woke up and wrote it down.

What especially excites me is the sense in the answer that the Creator and the Created are inextricably intertwined. 

The mixed syntax feels necessary to convey the vastness of the soul — and how we are are not only part of everything — but that we extend into everything.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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