Healing from a distance: Another reminder of your power

Last year we dined with a fascinating couple. Over the years they’ve studied various approaches to energy healing. As they related a few stories of helping to heal others, there was one powerful story the wife Gretten told us.

An older woman had a hearing issue: There was a sound so jarringly persistent in her ears it incapacitated her. It was agony to exist. Concentration was nil. Her ability to enjoy life, gone.

Traditional medicine hadn’t worked, which is why this older woman had sought out Gretten. 

I use this term traditional lightly here, knowing that within a hundred years what will be conventional at that time will incorporate what we think of today as traditional and alternative. It is ever thus, isn’t it?

Remember leeching? The application of leeches to drain the blood . . . it was popular because it worked, seemed to, from time to time. Then we learned more. That we were killing people. And we stopped leeching. Then we learned some more and started it up in a new fashion.

Now we call it donating blood. I try to get leeched as often as I can. Turns out it’s good for your blood to lose some.

Here’s how it works. You give some percentage of your blood to a good cause (humanity) and then your body becomes alert to the fact it’s blood supply is depleted . . . and makes some more. Why Nature didn’t train my wallet to do this also, I’ll never know.

This new blood is pure, healthy, made optimally just for you. The old blood took gobs of gunk with it, the residue of bacon and other gelatinous mischief still swimming through your bloodstream.
This new blood comes in and mixes it up with the old blood, presto, change-o, now your blood has a healthier mix.

Not always one to stop in moderation, when donating I tried to get the technicians to take all my blood
– the better to get a whole new optimally healthy batch right away – but they’ll have none of that. In fact, they laugh at you in your face and then proceed to relay your craziness to the others in overly loud voices if you suggest such a thing.

Back to the woman with the hearing issue

OK, I’ve digressed. My digression has digressions. How did you let me get so far afield?!

The remarkable result was the sound in this woman’s ears, untreatable by conventional means, was lessened so greatly by a few over-the-phone energy healings that she was able to go about her life satisfactorily.

Though not eliminated entirely the sound had diminished from a 9-10 level on the 10-point awfulness scale to a 2-3. Something livable, almost not quite there anymore.

If one person can do it, you can too. (!) Help heal others. Or help heal yourself. It’s going to be an exciting next few hundred years as we learn how this is even possible – and most importantly, how to heal more effectively through non-intrusive means. 

Viva la ever evolving understanding of the human race!

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