How it all works out when you wish lightly upon a thing

What is it about a light wish? Have you noticed the fulfillment of lightly held desires seems to waft in almost effortlessly, as if on a breeze?

An example from my own little life:

Not a year ago I found myself wishing for a compadre engaged in something similar to what I do here, this blogging life. It was a specific wish. I’m fond of  breakfast buddies, and that’s what I wanted. Breakfast is that rare time I can fit in friends easily when business and family and writing dominate so much else. 

I found myself wishing  lightly, as in a day dream  for a breakfast buddy with whom I could share this writing life. Touching base, sharing anecdotes, lessons learned, that kind of thing.

As if in response along came a now friend, a then stranger, who though not a blogger was also engaged in uplift and websites and such.

And now, just this past month, an inspirational figure who moved away four years ago has circled back . . . and this light wish has become a solid real thing in my life. Surprisingly it’s even better than what I’d hoped for. 

Here I am now one morning a week, with this circled-back friend, sitting across from one another tapping away on our respective keyboards. We engage on our separate projects in mutual creation mode. That and in in between moments we toss off thoughts about what we’ve gleaned along the way.

It’s unsurprising as well:  I’ve come to expect richer experience than my quite finite mind can formulate  particularly when there’s no great weight attached to weigh the wish down.

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