How Kim quit smoking, easy breezy, in bullet points

Sometimes you just want a quick-n-sweet message in bullet points. I hear you murmuring amongst yourselves.  

More bullet points!
(you say . . . quite loudly . . . when you say it together like that)

I hear you, I feel your pain with long-winded types, I understand — Get to the point now! The bullet points!

For you, since you asked politely if a little emphatically, here goes. 

Kim Morey’s story in bullet points (in Kim’s words) (mostly) (the Morey Story, but I’m off-point — again):

  • I prayed for it every day for a month.
  • I prayed for a month to take this obsession away.
  • How often?
    Once a day, in the morning . . . I talk to Him every day.
  • What made you think it would work?
    That’s how I quit drinking.
  • And every night I took time to be thankful for it.

What’s even better is if you knew Kim even a little, which is how I know her, just a little. She is raw and real, laughs loud and easily, and loves living her life in a full way. She’s no church mouse.

And this is why I like her story even better — reaching out to the highest source is for everyone.

When I pressed Kim for more details, she said that at one point the desire simply went away. It wasn’t as if it slowly melted away, or she looked at a cigaret in disgust . . . not only was the desire to smoke gone, so was the thought of smoking.

She didn’t reach for another cigaret. The habit was un-habitized.

It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.


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