How magnificent you are

Oh you beautiful-ootiful creatures — do you you know how magnificent you are?

Let me remind you.

You’ve helped someone along their way.

You’ve made someone’s workday lighter with a smile.

You’ve made a contribution to better someone else’s life, someone you don’t even know.

You have the spark within you. And you know it. And you cultivate it. That soul spark . . . you fan the flames, you seek to burn free, to burn pure.

At times you emanate pure ooshy-gooshiness to such a degree that your teeth hurt you’re vibrating so high and fast.

How magnificent you are!

You live, you breathe, you laugh, you struggle, you right yourself, you help others right themselves — you pulsate with life. You enjoy, you are joy, you joy it up.

I see you unknotting your knots.

I see you flashing your human spiritedness for all to absorb.

I know you are reaching for the best within yourself, which you flow outward, to all.

I know you. You are the song being sung. You are a thought bubble in eternity, expanding, glistening, creating, eternal.

I know your magnificence. Let this be a reminder if you’ve forgotten.

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