How the nimblest 64-year old I know does it

Assembled by the John Marshall. THAT’s art in everyday life.

We see a number of clients come through the gallery in their fifties and sixties and seventies who maintain vibrant lives. In fact I just met a robust 75-year old last night thanking his lucky stars he’s living in the age of Viagra, so he can continue his love affair with his wife of his whole life . . . .

But it’s the ever effervescent John Marshall — not a client — who blows them all away.

John Marshall is 64 years awesome.

I’ve seen John Marshall climb 20 feet up a ladder to a precarious perch against a pine tree, lash himself and the ladder to the trunk — and then lean way out to move a rope swing farther out on a limb. Something younger men had given up on.

John Marshall digs up palmettos with hand tools. These Florida palm-like shrubs burrow their trunks well under the earth. But that doesn’t stop the John Marshall.

He’ll work side by side outside in the Florida tropics with someone FOUR decades younger than he is — (!) — and give off a whiff of this taint no big deal.

What’s his secret? 

You might think it’s because he works with his hands. But I know plenty of people who work with their hands who are thick and bloated. 

Beer thirty does them in. Or the fast food (which should be called what it really is, fat food). Or the sodas (my drug of choice).

After listening to John Marshall speak about his ways, I think it boils down to these three things: 

1. He performs 15 to 30 minutes of yoga each morning 

I’ve only begun doing this in the past month and I’ve already noticed a formidable change in my body. My god I’m invigorated before I even take a shower. 

Where once I was sluggish and achy in that first glow of morning, now I’m freed up to wade into the day with a little pep in my step.

John Marshall has been doing this for years.

2. He nourishes himself

This is a three-parter: 

He eats well. Much more healthy food than not. And when given opportunities to gorge, he doesn’t.

He nourishes himself metaphysically. John Marshall reads and re-reads books that call good living out of him. He spiritualizes his thought process, to summon his best thoughts often, so they predominate. 

And he speaks wellHe fortifies his language with enriching thoughts.

You come away from a John Marshall conversation appreciating others, appreciating nuances, appreciating drawing a full, clean breath! 

There’s nothing he doesn’t notice that he doesn’t also find some cool detail to remark upon with infectious appreciation.

3. He lives lean 

He lives in a small space. Yet when you enter that space it is immaculate and tidy. 

What is the opposite of a hoarder? A simplist. Someone who keeps it simple and spare.

An uncluttered life full of vigor will keep you nimble of body and sprite of heart. All the evidence we need is John Marshall.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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