How one change leads to many: One Thing Better with Lori Saitz

One Thing Better is a weekly series featuring some cool creator I’ve stumbled across, in a one-question interview format.

It’s a simple premise. Each week someone answers The Question.

Lori Saitz and I stumbled across each other twice. The first time through our gallery CFO, who put us together for an event. 

Lori supplied the tastiest cookies, with the image of a painting affixed to each wrapper. It was a big hit. Some people didn’t want to open up the package for fear of ripping the artwork . . . Others snuck the cookie packets for display on their coffee tables. Still others came back sheepishly with crumbs tumbling from their lips, begging for more.

This doesn’t seem revolutionary now, where images can be printed on any surface including your eyeball, but go back a decade and it was like a Princess Leia holographic wonder.

We stopped doing events at the gallery when we discovered we were more successful forging one-on-one relationships. Lori and I lost touch. Time went by until we found ourselves sitting together in the unlikeliest of places — a down-home, down-country, down and dirty and dog-rank auto mechanic shop. 

To find a vibrant professional woman sitting there on the thirty-year old chairs among the strewn Monster Truck and Maxim mags . . . was unusual. 

But Lori hews to her own unique path — and damnit, if the best mechanic in town (Steve!) had a lair fit only for canines and some of the lesser primates, then Lori was going to make it her scene too.

Lori creates voice-over magic for corporations, businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Today, here, I think you’ll enjoy seeing how Lori’s One Thing Better led to a number of new experiences.

(Plus, Lori’s answer is a bit of a two-fer . . . she’s throwing in the extra one for free.) 

(Cuz that’s her way, always giving more than asked of her, which is especially good for those who use her services . . . 🙂

The Question:

What one thing have you been doing recently that’s making your life better?

Lori Saitz:

Hey my freaky beautiful friend Evan, 

I’m honored you’re asking me to participate! And the one sentence answer came to me right away. Now I’ve got to expand on that a bit.  

At the beginning of the year, I made it a goal to do at least one new thing a week. So far, almost a quarter of the way through 2015, I’ve accomplished this goal every week. 

Here are a few of the new (and fun) things I’ve been doing:

I made candles with my friend Lizz. She had purchased all the ingredients and we looked online to get a little direction. Then we just went at it like a couple of mad scientists. We think they turned out pretty well and now I have enough candles to get me through the rest of the year!

I bought and cooked a rutabaga. As crazy as it sounds, I’d never even tasted a rutabaga. Maybe I’d been somewhat influenced by my step-father who’d always said the only foods he didn’t like were turnips and rutabagas. But I figured out how to make it and even though I deemed it “benign” in flavor, I’d make it again.

Back in December I’d joined a boxing gym. In early February they hosted a two week-long squat competition. Contestants were required to do at least 1,000 squats over 14 days. Normally I would never have even participated. 

But I signed up, consistently did the work and I WON!

My brother, sister-in-law and 5-year old nephew, Henry, came to visit for a weekend. This was Henry’s first ever trip to Washington, DC and he was beyond excited. He said he wanted to go up in the Washington Monument, but we weren’t sure if once in there he would get scared. 

Even though I’ve lived here for many of my adult years, the last time I went to the Washington Monument was on a family vacation when I was about 10. So while this wasn’t a never-done before experience, I hadn’t done it in more than 30 years and I’d never done it with Henry. He loved it!

My husband and I tend to eat at the same restaurants all the time. Since I set this goal, we’ve visited a whole bunch of new places from Asian to Italian to Ethiopian. And we’ve found some new favorites. 

The other goal I set that goes hand in hand with this one is to pay attention to and record all the good things that happen in my life. 

I’m helped by a new calendar/planner called the Passion Planner (, which actually has a section specifically for recording “Good Things That Happened.” 

It’s amazing how many good things you can see happening when you start looking for them! So now, not only do I have an easy review for my gratitude reflections, I’ll have fun remembering them all when I flip through the weekly pages at the end of December this year or any time in a future year. 



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