How one woman found peace during a troubling time in her marriage

For privacy we’ll call her Epi.

During a time of marital instability fraught with discord Epi found herself increasingly frayed mentally. After weeks of increasing upset she realized she’d allowed herself to drift from her spiritual beliefs.

She meditated and prayed and reflected on what she should do. She sought out a spiritual mentor who helped her explore practical principles each week.

Epi began to feel calmer as she found herself centering, grounding. 

“One day in the kitchen I had a divine feeling that I needed to contribute outside of the home.”

She didn’t hear the message . . . she felt the message open up inside her and understood its meaning instantly.

It came to her that she was relying too heavily on her husband and children for her sense of contribution. 

“It was a lot of letting go and prayer and listening.”

She felt a completeness within, as utter peace and harmony overcame her. To Epi this was a signal that the insight was coming from a place of deep connection.

Epi spoke with her husband about her insight, and he immediately agreed to help her take the steps necessary to contribute outside of the home.

Also after much contemplative thought practice, she had a parallel insight — that it didn’t matter whether she lost her husband that day, the next month or thirty years hence, at some point she would.

She was able to see that each day together truly was a gift, for she could never know the time or method of parting, be it separation here or separation by death. 

“Fear was completely eliminated.”

Her insights allowed Epi to go forward with love. It no longer mattered to her whether her marriage ended or endured — or what choices her husband made — each day she would live in it from a place of purity.

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