How our favorite Jah-Woman dealt with “unkind, punishing” words

Oh, I have to pass this on, from Jeannine Pearlman, our very own Jah-Woman, from whom I learn so much.

It is an experience of healing through compassion . . . . 

Today was a remarkable day. The first remarkable thing that happened was that I got an apology, completely unsolicited or requested, from a co-worker this morning. 

She had spoken very unkind, punishing and disrespectful words to me on Monday afternoon. I must admit that this isn’t my first run-in with this particular person, and that, over time, I have gotten better and better about how I react to such things. 

I’ve learned (many thanks to my friend and teacher, Valerie Langley) not to push back, which just increases the tension, and therefor the anger, but to just let it “whiz by” me and allow my understanding of compassion (for myself and others) to bring peace to the situation and apologize from my heart for any misunderstanding, while not taking on any misplaced judgments. 

I was actually humbled by the gesture of the apology, and I am still so very grateful to Spirit for this experience. 

Sometimes (ok, often) I have those fears of not doing enough, not being enough, not making enough progress on my spiritual journey. This experience made me feel as though I have accomplished something on my path. 

Breathe. Accept (graciously, of course), I deserve this.  

And then! I get home, walked my new puppy, paid some bills, and combed through my e-mails (because it has been a few days!!) and I see this one from you!! 

My cup runneth over!

Here, at the end, Jeannine is referring to an email I’d sent her, letting her know how much a Jeannine-inspired post (Jah-Woman: The unshackling) had in turn inspired a woman who read it. 
This World Is Freaky Beautiful reader mentioned that she had read it at the perfect moment, while many aspects of her life were falling away or falling apart. Jeannine’s story of going through her own turbulence was the perfect message for her at that time. Jeannine was touched by this woman reaching out . . . 

PS: The Unshackling has been an inspiration to many since it was first published. It has been on the top ten most-read list for quite a few months running. Most of that time it’s been the number one most popular post. 
I am overwhelmed with gratitude for Jeannine, and for the way in which she freely shares her insights and experiences with us here. I believe her stories resonate because Jeannine is so willing to go raw — to share the painful and the blissful alike. 

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