How to be busy in the most relaxed way

Oh, it’s so simple.

You go into stillness. Often.

I’ve found that people and phone calls and events flow themselves quite nicely if I dip into stillness enough. The crazier the speed of life the more I need to become still, in every pocket of time I can conjure . . . .

Calm contemplative silence, however you practice it, leads to much better flow. All the whirling things in the air line up and plop down one by one as if you ordered them to do so.

It’s as if you entrain the universe and its workings to your relaxed heartbeat, and it follows suit.

It’s the most joyful rhythm.

You engage! You disengage . . . .

You create! You uncreate . . . . 

You mold and fashion and process and spur! You enter sublime silence . . .

A tip of the hat to Rona Elisa, who started me on this train of thought from her G+ post:

Happy Monday! This week set aside 15 minutes each day to meditate. If you’re too busy… make it 30. 🙂

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